Organic Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil VCO (300ml)
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Organic Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil VCO (300ml)

cold-pressed/centrifuged coconut oil glass container raw, virgin, usda organic coconut oil is one of nature's healthiest oils. our raw virgin coconut oil is made from organically grown coconuts without using heat or additives. this oil is 100% vegetarian, contains no cholesterol, and is gmo-. raw virgin coconut oil is one of the nutritional products that makes the coconut palm "the tree of life". enjoy by the spoon, in salad dressings, and for cooking . also great for skin and hair!

Benefits of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 

* Regulates healthy metabolic rate

* Promotes weight loss

* Has fewer calories than other fats

* Supplies an immediate source of energy

* Rich in nutrients

* Supports immune system

* Prevents and treats bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections

* Reduces risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions

* Reduces risk of hardened arteries and related illnesses

* Helps control diabetes

* Helps prevent osteoporosis

* Good flavor

* Easily digested

* Improves absorption of nutrients

* Has a very long shelf life

* Heat tolerant and the most suitable oil for cooking

* Keeps skin soft, smooth and healthy

* Protects against wrinkling, age blemishes and skin cancer


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