Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder (130gr)
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Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder (130gr)

ORGANIC GREEN LEAF STEVIA is the ONLY alkaline forming sweetener available! Green Leaf Stevia has many benefits besides its natural, zero calorie sweetness.

1 teaspoon of our Green Stevia Powder equals approximately 1 cup of sugar for sweetness!

Ideal for diabetics, high blood, weight management and lower tooth cavity


Stevia is a green leaf plant. If you are buying a "white" powder, you are not buying a completely natural unaltered Stevia plant powder.

  • White powder Stevia has none of the health benefits of green leaf Stevia powder, only the sweetness.

  • White powder is extremely concentrated and has been chemically processed with chemicals like Hexane, Chloroform, and Aqueous Ethanol therefore most often the white powder products contain "fillers".



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