Wonder Chocolate Dark Choc SeaSalt & Sweet Nibs 73% (30gr)
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Wonder Chocolate Dark Choc SeaSalt & Sweet Nibs 73% (30gr)

Product Description

One bite out of Big Tree Farms Wonder Chocolate Organic Chocolate bar with sea salt and sweet nibs and you’ll instantly fall in love with this delectable sweet treat. Containing 73% of raw organic dark chocolate, the sweetness of coconut palm nectar along with a hint of Balinese sea salt and raw Criollo nibs, melts slowly in your mouth and is the perfect combination of sweet and salty mixed together in one irresistible chocolate bar that is perfect to indulge in when you have sweet tooth cravings.

  • No additional preservatives and additives, just pure dark chocolate
  • Contains antioxidants, sulphur, magnesium and theobromine
  • Lightly sprinkled with Balinese sea salt
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Can be eaten alone or used in baked goods

Ingredients: Cold-processed cacao beans, coconut palm nectar, cold-processed cacao butter, sea salt.


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