Organic Carob Powder 500 g
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Organic Carob Powder 500 g

Naturally sweet, carob powder is derived from the fruit of the carob plant. It is often used as a substitute for cocoa powder or chocolate, although its flavour is more mellow and earthier than chocolate. Because of its high concentration of natural sugar, carob can also be used as a sugar replacement in virtually all bread and pastry products such as bread loaves, waffles, cakes, pies, and muffins, though it will result in chocolate-brown coloured foods and impart a somewhat chocolate-like flavour.

While carob is often referred to as a chocolate substitute, the two are so nutritionally and chemically different that people who are allergic to chocolate can often enjoy carob safely. While the flavour of carob powder is somewhat reminiscent of chocolate, a fresh carob pod, in fact, has a flavour more similar to dates.


To replace carob for cocoa, simply use the same amount of carob. To replace chocolate with carob, use approximately 3 tbs of carob powder for each square of chocolate.

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