Healthy Paradise, Organic Beans Paradise Soup Mix 500gr
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Healthy Paradise, Organic Beans Paradise Soup Mix 500gr

Organic Beans Paradise Soup Mix

Health Paradise premium grade organic Soup Mix Beans are grown and processed with reliable quality at every step in accordance with strict organic strandarts and guidelines-from farm to packaging. This export quality is 99.9% purity with no foreign materials such as glass sands, stones, etc

Usage : Add soa, soup mix beans to brown rice, barley soup, caseroles and cook or boil on its own as sweet soup (desert).

Ingredients : Certified Organic Adzuki Beans, Certified Organic Mung Beans, Certified Orgnic Black Beans, Certified Organic Small White Kidney Beans, Organic Red Kidney Beans, Certified Organic Lentils, Certified Organic Pearled Barley.

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