Botanina, Immune-Guard Infant Oil 60ml
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Botanina, Immune-Guard Infant Oil 60ml

It has the benefits of relaxing your little ones, increasing appetite, relieving stomachache & headache, supporting immune system, and calming during bedtime

How to use:
apply and massage all over body, especially on the bottom of feet, after shower or before bedtime. As bath oil: mix 1/2 - 1 tsp into warm bath water

Infant Oil (3m.o- 6 m.o ): cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed apricot kernel oil, cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed avocado oil, essential oils (cinnamon, clove bud, chamomile blue german, lavender, sweet orange)

we have different formulas for newborn, infant, baby, and toddler, since the safety standard in the world of aromatherapy requires different dosage and type of oil for different groups of age

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