DIY Cleansing Enema Bag
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DIY Cleansing Enema Bag

Enema more important than face cleansing!

What is Enema?

an enema is the cleansing of the lower part of the rectum and colon or large intestine. Its a gentle internal bath using 1-2 L warm or cold good quality water without the use of grugs or chemicals, into the anus to soften feces, distend the colon & rectum.

Many healthcare professionals use the enema to accelerate any cleansing program for optimum result. it has been found to be very helpful during a healing crisis, after a serious ilness to speed healing or to remove drug residues.

NOTES : There's instruction book inside these enama bag set with a complete explanation about enema, what is enea, what to do with enema, enema recipe, and details with picture. Read the manual book carefully before proceeding

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