Organic Wakame, Sea Vegetable (50gr)
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Organic Wakame, Sea Vegetable (50gr)


Seaweeds have been a food source since prehistoric times and are as commonly used in Japanese cooking as garden vegetables. Seaweeds are a good source of minerals, such as iodine, calcium (2-3 times that of milk) and vitamin B12. Due to the enzyme and mineral content of seaweeds, they can help the body eliminate effects of animal fat and radioactive/ chemical wastes we absorb through the environment. They have also been proven effective in preventing arthritis, nervous disorders and endocrine system malfunction.

Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) is a long, dark green, feather-like sea kelp that thrives in cold strong ocean currents. In Japanese folk medicine, it is known to clean and strengthen the blood, and miso soup with wakame has been used for generations as an aid in recovering from the effects of child birth. Wakame is delicious raw (soaked in water for salads).

Preparation : Soak a few strips of wakame in water until soft. Cut into small pieces, and simply add to miso soups or as tasteful salad.

Storage : Keep in cool, dry place

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