Healthy Paradise Shiro Miso (400g)
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Healthy Paradise Shiro Miso (400g)

Health Paradise Shiro Miso (Sweet White Rise Miso) are made by smaller manufacturers who take pride in their works and use traditional processing method. Our Shiro Misos undergoes a complex fermentation involving many kinds of enzymes and microorganisms. Shiro Misos is also called Sweet White Rise Miso Soy Bean Paste, compare with others kind of rice Miso, it contains less salt, since starches in the rice are converted to sugars by the koji, it is sweet miso. This makes it pasrticularly well suited for use in dressings and dip sauces. 

- Natural
- Premium Grade
- GMO Free
- Wheat Free
- Low in Sodium
- Traditionally made

Rice, Spring Water, Soybean, Sea Salt, Koji

As a seasoning in cooking, or add to sauces, dressing spreads, noodles, casseroles, soups.


Product of Japan.

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