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BankitWangi, Organic Premium Green Tea (Teh Hijau Organik)60gr

BankitWangi, Organic Premium Green Tea (Teh Hijau Organik)60gr
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BankitWangi, Organic Premium Green Tea (Teh Hijau Organik)60gr
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Kemasan Box Besar berisi 12 Sachet Aluminium @5gr tanpa teabags

Serving Greentea :
2gr per sajian untuk 150ml air di suhu 80' dengan waktu 1 menit

Green Tea (Teh Hijau)
Green Tea at it’s purest level. All of our tea plucked and processed immediately in our own Farm & Processing Facilities, to ensure Freshness and Quality Control

Our Premium Green Tea is made from Assamica variant with Refreshing and vegetal characteristics the first sip, reminiscent of the highland origins of this delicate, fresh tea.

PT. Bukit Sari (Perkebunan Organik)

Bukit sari estate known as Citamboer or Tjitamboer (during Dutch Colonialization age) which literally mean The sound of Tamboer (an Indonesian traditional percussion). It was named after the sounds made by the 100-200 m tall waterfall that flowing and dripped from the natural spring inside our farm. This particular ±1400 hectares were established in 1920 during the Dutch colonial age, and in 1943 it was transferred to Indonesian Government and went privates, finally we brought them together under single ownership in 2003.

The natural environment in the area is is still not much touched by human hands. It’s really an exotic attraction for nature lover, those who seek for peaceful natural living, full of refreshing energy in the atmosphere around the farms.The formation of the northeast hills to the southwest, forming a wonderful valley along the road, surrounded by hundreds to thousands hectares of conservation forest, producing a fresh clean air and natural minerals, providing life to many species in its surrounding.

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