Beauty Barn, Beauty Barn Home Dreamee 100ml
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Beauty Barn, Beauty Barn Home Dreamee 100ml

Beauty Barn Home Dreamee - 100 Ml
Oil Profile:

- Helps to soothe
- Helps to calm
- Helps to promote better sleeping

Contains essential oils and mild alcohol to help drying process and disinfect sheets.
A soothing linen spray that helps to promote better sleep by using calming essential oil blends that relaxes your little one's mind. .
Spray on pillow wait for 5 minutes before laying down head on pillow. Best used when dozing off.. .
From newborn.

Adults need this even more


Spray regularly on pillow covers and bolster

covers that are close to us during sleep.
Best used spray before dozing off.

Wait for 5-10 minutes before sleeping on sheets.

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