Beauty Barn, Dirt-O Natural Liquid Cleaner 500ml
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Beauty Barn, Dirt-O Natural Liquid Cleaner 500ml

Have a laundry problem-free days with Dirt-O, our new natural liquid cleaner!
No more skin irritation caused by residues that detergent leaves behind (SLS, Enzymes, etc) which is one of the triggers for allergies.

Laundry detergent often caused problems such as skin irritation and allergies.
We have developed our own laundry cleaners and softener like no other products is the market.

Dirt-O a gentle laundry cleaner that you can trust.
This product was tried, tested and rated by concerned moms.

Only Beauty Barn provides the safest natural solutions for your family.
On a particular day, our founder was approached by a very despaired father showing his childs skin conditions. It was really heart breaking as the little girl was suffering from very bad dermatitis atopic, and then she decided to provide not just mere skincare solutions, but also household care solutions in order to help this little girl.

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