Earth Organic Blackstrap Molasses 1L
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Earth Organic Blackstrap Molasses 1L



Rich in Iron


Earth Organic's blackstrap molasses with thick consistency is the leftover after the final extraction of sugar crystalization from raw sugar cane production. Its bittersweet robust flavor is the signification of concentration of nutrients such as essential vitamins especially vit B and minerals, boasting a number of powerful health benefits with low glycemic index


Blackstrap Molasses benefit :

- Low GI, Diabetic Friendly

- Lactic Acid, Skin Health

- Antioxidant, Free Radicals

- Anti Inflammatory, Joint Health

- Vitamin B, Brain Function

- Iron source, Women Health

- Calcium source, BOne Health

- Potassium source, Blood Pressure



As sweetener in beverages, as marination & glazing, spread on toast & cakes, topping on oatmeal & porridge, used in baking & BBQ, as tonic drink

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