Evete Naturals, Super Green Easymix Mask Kit
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Evete Naturals, Super Green Easymix Mask Kit

This mask is serious, SUPER GREEN is packed with the best green ingredients to prevent and treat acne. The powder contains french green clay which deep cleans and absorbsexcess sebum, while spirulina helps to prevent to overgrowth of bacteria. The essence is packed with beautiful floral waters and plant extracts such as centella asetica which suppresses inflamation. 

How to use : 
Pour entire content of the powder sachet into a small bowl. Fill up the spoon with essence (5 ml). Mix it all together and then apply to face and neck. MAke sure you applying on cleansed skin. Avoid applying too close under the eye. Leave on 8-10 minutes. Wash off gently.

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