Earth Aroma, Organic Mushroom Oyster Sauces 300ml
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Earth Aroma, Organic Mushroom Oyster Sauces 300ml

Oyster sauces is popular for its delicate taste presenc in foods. Today vegetarians & non-vegetarians can enjoy the oyster sauces taste without worrying on the polluted marine environtment

Earth Aroma's vegetarian mushroom oyster sauces is using non gmo soy bean fermented in traditional method mixed with other ingredients to reach a satisfactory oyster taste.

This sauces richly intense & pleasant flavor is so versatile to perfectize all sorts of culinary purposes




Ingredients : Fermented soy sauces (non GMO)*, brown cane sugar*, Shitake mushroom*, Glutinous Rice Powder*, Licorice Extract, Yeast Extract

* Organic Ingredients


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