Fitwell, Oat Cafe
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Fitwell, Oat Cafe

Oat-Café is a healthy instant white coffee without creamer. It formulated with the goodness of organic oat milk to provide delicate creamy taste and improve overall health.

This product is certified Halal.

Net Weight: 30 g x 12’s / box

Oat cafe, a combination of coffee and oat milk, is commonly known with its health benefits that promote longevity. In addition to the healthy benefits of coffee itself, oats, as a better alternative added to compliment the nature of coffee is important to ensure you get a healthy coffee beverage. It is a handy little treat that you can indulge in, whenever you want to take a break from your daily routine.


The goodness of Oat-café:

– Beta-glucan: Soluble fiber that reduces total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels while increase the elimination of bile acid. Helps to control blood glucose and lipid level of diabetes patients, thus reduces the dependence on insulin.
– High calcium (for development of strong bones and teeth)


Suitable for:

– All vegetarians
– Recommended for those with milk allergies



Organic oat milk powder, instant coffee and fine sugar.


Serving Suggestion:

Add one sachet of Oat Cafe into 150-200 ml of warm water. Stir well and ready to serve.

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