Earth Living, Molasses Concoction Moringa Honey Gojiberry (325gm)
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Earth Living, Molasses Concoction Moringa Honey Gojiberry (325gm)

Since 4000 years, Moringa Tree, has been used medicinally. Also known as 'Tree for Life' or 'Miracle Tree' for it's the only whole plant edible from its roots to seeds which contain all powerfull nutrients required to keep body function. It comes in 90 protective compounds that can significantly improve vision, skin , hair, nails, cell growth,cholesterol level and blood sugar level, promote wound healing, immune function, collagen synthesis and many more


Earth Herbs' Moringa Honey Gojiberry Molasses Concoction is using the powerful moringa seeds which possess 30 important antioxidants. Combined with pure raw French wild flower honey and gojiberry , it further enhances the phytochemicals body for better absorption. Consume this concoction as your natural enegry, endurance and beauty supplement!


Ingredients: Organic Molasses Sugar, Moringa Seed, Organic Gojiberry & Organic Pure Raw Freach Flower Honey


Serving Directions: - Put 1 cube in 300-350 ml hot water. - Stir well. - Serve & enjoy.

Did You Know? Moringa seeds are a good purifier, imagine what it can help to purify bad substances, toxins and bacteria in body?

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