O'Pure - Multigrain Wavy Chips Cajun Cheese 80gr
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O'Pure - Multigrain Wavy Chips Cajun Cheese 80gr

O'Pure uses only quality whole ingredients to create this healty snack. Prepared with heart & care, O'Pure is not processed chemically, hence preserving the food nutrients quality without any modern synthetic additives. Snacking sensation with O'Pure is absolutely guilt-free and healthy for children and adults alike. Crave for snack, crave O'Pure!

- Fibre-rich healthy snack
- No Additive
- No preservative
- No egg
- No raising agent

Corn (Non-GMO), wheat, brown rice, oat, non hydrogenated vegetable oil, garlic, paprika, black pepper, cayenne, oregano, thyme, natural cheese powder, butter cream, sea salt.

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