Mamaberry, Salted Egg Potato Chips 100gr
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Mamaberry, Salted Egg Potato Chips 100gr

- Naturally Delicious

- Proudly made in Indonesia



- No Preservatives 

- No Artificial Flavorings / Colorings

- Gluten Free

We are delighted to introduce you to Mamaberry Chips Gourmet the new less-guilt snacks provider in town!

Most of chips product available in the market contain MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial flavouring, coloring, maltodextrin, sodium inosinate, guanylate. Without us realizing, these ingredients make them dangerously harmfully addictive

We care so much about the snacks you eat and serve for your loved ones. That's why at Mamaberry Chips Gourmet we go extra miles to create healthier, less-guilt yet still fulfilling your desire for an awesome tasting snacks!

Our chips are freshly made and lovingly handcrafted using real omega-3 salted egg homemade gourmet sauce. We don't use artificial powder sprinkle flavouring at all,, MSG FREE, NO PRESERVATIVES & NO ADDITIVES. All kettle cooked, strained then baked to preserve crunchiness! 


Ingredients : Potato, homamade salted egg sauce, real sugar, diced chili, lime leaves, curry leaves, no msg chicken stock powder

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