Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing Spray 59.2ml
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Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing Spray 59.2ml

Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing Spray is formulated using a argan oil, which is overflowing of fatty acids and has been used for centuries to reap the benefits of the the rich concentration of Omega-6 and Omega-9 complexes and vitamin E that encourage hair to absorb moisture and strengthens the hair shaft.

Agadir argan because it contains an enormous amount of nutrients such as carotenes, antioxidants and other nutrients that increase hair's elasticity, bounce, shine and hair strength, allowing it to lock in moisture. Agadir is environmentally friendly, formulated with natural ingredients and non-aerosol pump that delivers a fine mist for perfect styling with an extra firm hold.

Recommended Hair Types

The gentle, all natural formula of Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing Spray is formulated for all hair types.

Main Benefits

Firm hold
Argan oil supplies intensive nutritive therapy
Fights humidity
Gentle formulation
Helps hair hold color
Adds volume
Environmentally friendly
For all hair types
Locks in moisture
Increases hair elasticity
Makes hair stronger
Long lasting
How to Use

After washing and conditioning hair, dry as preferred, with a blow dryer or air dry. Once dry style as usual spraying on Agadir Spritz Styling Finishing Spray. Hold bottle ten to twelve inches from hair and spray to lock in style. For added hold, spray hair after inserting into curling iron, but before turning wand. Similarly, the same technique can be used with flat irons. Once hair is styled, finish with a final spray.

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