BABYMAX baby-safe Detergent Travel Size 100ml
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BABYMAX baby-safe Detergent Travel Size 100ml

must have!!! bagi yang suka Travelling, kemasan Babymax 100ml sangat praktis untuk membersihkan pakaian si kecil dan dapat juga untuk pakaian orang dewasa karena Cairan pencuci pakaian bayi ini dibuat dengan kandungan hypoallergenic dan tanpa pewarna, sehingga lebih aman untuk kulit sensitif si kecil hingga dewasa.

All our Babymax products are guaranteed by the gold standard in baby care, HOMEFREETM. With it, you can be assured that what you are buying is one of, if not the best*, cleansing products for babies you can find. Premium naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients are used wherever possible to give you the best of the best. Chemicals that are unnecessary are eliminated so that you and your children enjoy only the purest of each Babymax products.
*we are very sure it'''s the latter, but we want to be humble about it.

Premium plant-based surfactant
Highly bio-degradable
Defender ' anti bacterial
Effectively removes baby stains
Keep baby clothes clean and fresh

NO AFTERWASH RESIDUE                             

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