Earth Living Instant Crispy Misua Noodle 120gr
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Earth Living Instant Crispy Misua Noodle 120gr

Why This Bowl?

Hectic lifestyle nowadays leads to bad munching meals. This mowl of Crispy Misua comes with real food paste and is well thought of and designed for that quick fix meal purpose. Earth Living knows the importance of delivering nutritous and yet delicious heart-warming meal even during on-the-go. Curry laksa paste in the sachet is slowly braised with real traditional ingredients for that authentic taste.

  • NO MSG
  • NO GMO
  • NO Additive
  • NO Preservative
  • VEGAN (No Animal Ingredients)


1. Tom Yam

2. Bak Kut Teh Hokkien

3. Bak Kut TehTeochew

4. Curry Laksa


How to serve :

1. Remove cover 

2. Tear off sachet & put inside the bowl

3. Pour in hot boiling water & cover

4. Wait for 3-4 mins

5. Stir evenly & Enjoy!

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