Sincere, Dark Chocolate Spread with Almond Hazelnut 225gr
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Sincere, Dark Chocolate Spread with Almond Hazelnut 225gr

Ingredients : Organic cacao mass, organic coconut sugar, roasted almonds, roasted hazelnuts, vanilla
paste (halal), Balinese sea salt


Apa yang membedakan Selai Kacang Sincere dengan selai kacang lain?

- Dry-roasted nuts instead of deep-fried
- Stone ground into smooth butter
- FREE of fillers [no added oil whatsoever]
- FREE of Preservatives & Stabilizers
- Lab analyzed for aflatoxin, heavy metal and other contaminants
- PIRT certified
- VEGAN-friendly
- Diabetic friendly


Spread SINCERE nut butter on bread for breakfast, veggie dips for a quick snack, or even use
them in your baking + cooking recipes. Others enjoy having it straight from the spoon; make it
your way!
With honest labeling and high food safety, you can trust SINCERE nut butter to add only
goodness into your daily healthy diet.
Afterall, SINCERE nut butters are sincerely made for your health.
• Best before date is 1 (one) year after production date; best consumed 6 (six) months after opening
• Minimum shelf life received is 9 (nine) months
• Refrigeration will extend shelf life
• Oil separation may occur naturally, we recommend to store jars upside down in the warehouse


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