Airborne Clover Honey 500gr
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Airborne Clover Honey 500gr

Airborne Clover Honey - Madu Asli Import New Zealand

Jenis: Clover
Berat: 500 gram 
Tekstur: Creamy (kental) , cocok sebagai selai di roti atau untuk pengganti gula di minuman. 

1. mengandung madu murni yang berasal dari bunga clover yang dinyatakan sebagai madu terbaik oleh peternak lebah di seluruh dunia. Rasanya enak dan teksturnya sangat lembut.
2. Terjamin kealamiannya karena diproses tanpa penambahan air, pengawet, dan gula.
Tidak mengalami proses pemanasan dan penyaringan yang hanya akan menghilangkan kandungan nutrisinya.
3. Memiliki kandungan air yang sangat sedikit

Airborne honey is the oldest and most reputable honey company in new Zealand since 1910. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, airborne honey is honest, undamaged and traceable. It contains only 100 percent pure natural new Zealand honey with no trace of additives. Our honey has the lowest amount of heat damage of any honey in the new Zealand market. It is strained through only a coarse mesh to remove visible impurities but retains all the natural things such as pollen. Clover honey is new Zealand's most common honey type. Airborne clover cream honey has a mild, delicate flavor and is delicious on toast or in honey and lemon drinks. Thanks to its creamy texture, it is easy to spread on food such as bread.

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