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Virus Shut Out (Kalung Anti Virus)

Virus Shut Out (Kalung Anti Virus)
Virus Shut Out (Kalung Anti Virus)
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Virus Shut Out With strap!

Emergency virus measures!
Protect you from epidemic viruses and pollen!

Remove the virus in the space just by putting it on your neck!
When opened, the chlorine dioxide compound removes and removes bacteria and bacteria that are floating around.

Removal of space with chlorine component!
Removal of viruses and bacteria around trains, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

How to use
Take out the "Virus Shut Out" body, attach it to the attached neck strap, and lower it from your neck.
* Please use immediately after opening.


Expiration date: About 30 days after opening
* Effects vary depending on the usage environment.

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