Javara, Organic Crystal Coconut Sugar - Natural (250 gr)
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Javara, Organic Crystal Coconut Sugar - Natural (250 gr)

  • 100% Organic Coconut Nectar

Made from the nectar of coconut tree blossom, for many centuries, Coconut Palm Sugar has been part of Indonesia’s culinary tradition for sweetener. In the last decade coconut palm sugar has been reintroduced in the form of crystal coconut sugar  and now become a global product. It is considered as world’s most sustainable sugar.
The production of coconut palm sugar rely on the artisanal skill of the farmers in collecting the coconut blossom nectar. This activity can not be substituted with machines or any other tools, which makes the role of the coconut farmers in the overall supply chain is indispensable.
The production of crystal coconut sugar has provide the involved farmers with higher economic value of their coconut tree. Compared to the selling of coconut fruits, the revenue increase is up to 7 times, while compared to the block coconut palm sugar, the crystal coconut sugar provide up to 60% better price.

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