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Javara, Minyak Goreng Kelapa Organik (Coconut Oil) 900ml

Javara, Minyak Goreng Kelapa Organik (Coconut Oil) 900ml
Javara, Minyak Goreng Kelapa Organik (Coconut Oil) 900ml
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TANPA AROMA KELAPA, jadi tidak usah khawatir mengubah rasa, tidak ada bau sama sekali :)

cocok untuk goreng, tumis, membuat kue dll krn titik didihnya tinggi, sekarang kemasan baru plastik bisa kirim seluruh Indonesia



Made from cold-pressing high quality organic coconuts


100% Coconuts




    0% Cholesterol
    No Preservatives
    No Food Additives
    Non GMO
    Without bleaching

Our Coconut Cooking Oil is made from matured coconut flesh (11 months old) that are naturally grown in the tropical Island of Celebes (Sulawesi). It is very rich in lauric acid and other medium chain saturated fats beneficial for your body. Lauric acid has is a very effective anti-bacteria, anti-virus, and is proven to boost immune system in human body. Coconut cooking oil will solidify into a white solid below its melting point, 190 Celcius

Our coconut cooking oil has been deodorized by low-heat and vacuum technique. This means that there is no chemical involved along the process. Coconut Cooking Oil has a very good stability in high temperature, has high smoking point and is proven to handle hours of continuous deep frying without any changes in quality.

Coconut cooking oil is a replacement to processed oil and fats. Coconut cooking oil can be used in your cooking and baking as a replacement to margarine and butter.

Other Uses :

• to moisturize hair and skin.
• as a natural make-up remover.
• as a shaving balm or moisturizer for babies.
• It is perfect for your home, your kitchen, and for all your daily needs.

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