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Almond Flour Blanched GF (500gr)

Almond Flour Blanched GF (500gr)
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Almond Flour Blanched GF (500gr)
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Almond meal is also know as almond flour. This blanched almond meal is creamy in colour due to the removal of the thin brown husk prior to the almonds being ground into the meal. Blanched almond meal is a staple in a lot of pantries and it is a popular item in our range. Almonds provide a natural source of protein, dietary fibre and vitamin E. It is a great substitute for gluten containing flours. Its Gluten Free

They are used in cooking, mostly in cakes and biscuits or added to trail mixes and even a stir-fry!

Once the almonds have been harvested, the thin brown husk is removed through blanching which involves putting the almonds in boiling water briefly. The almonds are then ground into a meal and packaged. No preservatives or additives are combined with the almond meal, it’s just almonds!

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