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Goji Berry (250gr)

Goji Berries

Goji berries are the fruits that are produced from the goji plant.Goji berries are a gift from God to human beings. When these berries are consumed on a regularly basis, they will increase longevity and promote good health.

Dried goji berries are also wonderful foods that are rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are vital elements that ensure the health of the eyes. Specifically, goji berries studies have been indicated as a preventative food substance that deters macular degeneration and cataracts.Additionally, the berries are replete with amino acids, which are the critical components of proteins and are metabolized by the cells within the body. Goji berries helps to boost the immune system, protection of the liver, weight loss, and the ability to possibly reverse the aging process, are great for diabetic. Nature's Glory Goji are: * Grown in clean mountainous regions without pollution *Grown without chemicals, colourings, addititives or dyes * Swiss Certified Organic

Preparation: Tea: Goji berries can be used to brew in a tea. You can add a handful of goji berries to a big glass of hot or cold water (or herb tea) and let sit and hydrate for 5 to 10 minutes. They become plump and juicy. You can drink the tea and eat the hydrated berries which are loaded with antioxidants. Smoothies: Soak a handful of goji berries in water for 10 minutes. Once they are plump and juicy, add them to your favorite smoothie. It won’t make much of a change to the taste or consistency of your smoothie. Cereal: Just like raisins, add some goji berries to your hot or cold cereals in the morning. Add to Soups: This has been a common use of goji berries in Chinese cuisine for thousands of years.

Product of Tibet.

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